OECD Subsidies Are Against US Interests

France - OECD - 50th Anniversary

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation has found out how the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development works against the interests of US taxpayers. This is a short policy brief on key issues relating to international tax competition, financial privacy, fiscal sovereignty, economic growth, free markets, and limited government. CF&P actually comment on how OECD advocate policies which are against free market and American competitiveness, in order to expand the power of the government and everything is done with money from American taxpayers. The Libertas paper states many examples of how OECD undermines the interests of US taxpayers.

Some examples are the promotion of value added tax (VAT), government style healthcare, Keynesian stimulus spending and the support for global taxation. In addition, the Libertas paper states ways which seek to make it easier for nations to impose high tax rates, double-tax income which is saved and invested and tax income earned in other jurisdictions.  To conclude, they find that with this they are promoting these “harmful tax practices.” According to the article, the problem is that bad policy is spreading and this is not good news for global growth. On the contrary, policies should be imposed in order to have a working health system, a pure economy and global growth. CF&P have done a good job in focusing more attention on the OECD’s US taxpayer subsidy and in educating members of Congress how OECD is diminishing US interests and economic development.


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