Celebrating 16 Years of Promoting Free Markets and Austrian Economics

• Celebrating 16 Years of Promoting Free Markets and Austrian Economics

16 Years Commitment

16 years ago today, on November 9, 2007, the Austrian Economics Center (AEC) was founded. The AEC was born with an ardent desire to bring Austrian Economics to Europe and the rest of the world, especially at the time that a major financial crisis started to engulf the world and made it evident that the economic status quo was highly flawed. The AEC quickly became one of the linchpins of the European freedom movement, especially with the Free Market Road Show, which we have been organizing every year since 2008, as well as the annually held European Resource Bank meeting.

COVID-19 turned to be a huge threat and it certainly became an actual and gargantuan threat to liberties around the world. Major problems have remained since the pandemic in our economic, social, and political world, consequently our goal is to fight the immensely popular big government ideas including negative effects for individual freedom and private property that have emerged across the world.

Free Markets, Free People have been our motto for many years—and rest assured, we continue to promote free markets and free people. For the last few years, our motto has been The Austrian Austrians, for we have also always defined ourselves, too, as protectors and promoters of the Austrian School not only in its hometown Vienna. Thus, promoting the scholarly and essential work of thinkers like Menger, Hayek, and Mises will remain, as it has always been, a focal point of our work.

30th Anniversary of Hayek Institut

We are immensely grateful to be able celebrate another partner institute´s birthday – The Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institut turns 30 years! – and for all of the great things that have happened around the AEC in the last one-and-a-half decades. This would not have been possible without you, dear readers, whether you have been checking out our website, been to our events, are a former or current colleague, collaborator, or cooperation partner, member of the FMRS Family, and if you have donated financially or your time to our mission. We will continue promoting the ideas of free markets and Austrian Economics in Europe and beyond.

For today, however, we ask you to join us: Cheers to 16 years!

Your Contribution will make a Difference.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we know that there is still much work to be done. We face many challenges and opportunities in the current economic and political climate, and we need your help to continue our efforts. That is why we are asking you to make a donation to the Austrian Economics Center today. Your contribution will enable us to sustain and expand our activities, such as the Free Market Road Show or the European Resource Bank Meeting.

Your donation will make a difference. You can donate online by clicking on this link. Please make your donation before December 31, 2023, to receive a tax receipt for this year. Thank you for your generosity and your commitment to the cause of liberty!


  • Kai Weiss

    Kai Weiss is the Research Coordinator of the Austrian Economics Center, a board member at the Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institute, and a graduate student in politics at Hillsdale College.

The views expressed on austriancenter.com are not necessarily those of the Austrian Economics Center.

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