EPP Summit: More hot air for Europe?

Even though Vienna has already registered 33° C with 55% […]

9090875255_7c430cabe0Even though Vienna has already registered 33° C with 55% humidity today, more hot air is expected at the summit of the European People’s Party (EPP) taking place this afternoon at the Kursalon. With both EU and non-EU heads of state attending, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso  joins EPP President Wilfried Martens of Belgium, and Austria’s Vice Chancellor and ÖVP Chairman Michael Spindelegger, to discuss preparation of the European Council, currently scheduled for 27 and 28 June. (Photgraph at left courtesty of the EPP.)

The EPP is a center-right political group in the European Parliament made up of MEPs elected from national member parties from across Europe. Founded in 1973, it is considered the largest political group in the European Parliament. But its overall effectiveness in implementing a true center-right agenda is highly questionable.

Your humble blogger is in attendance — but all he can see is a lot of official security, and a sea of eager journalists drenched in sweat, sitting by their laptops and eating the mediocre free food being provided by organizers. One alarming observation: The 2012 Annual Review (available here) being distributed based on last year’s EPP Congress in Bucharest is titled, “The answer is more Europe!” If THAT is the EPP’s vision, then those of us who value freedom, independence and de-centralism may be in trouble!


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