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Dear friends of liberty,   25 years after the fall […]

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Dear friends of liberty,

25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall it is a good time to pause to assess the impact of our efforts to promote free market and limited government. What have we accomplished during those years, where have we failed and, more importantly, what needs to be changed if we wish to become more successful in the near future? Those questions should be asked individually, each think-tank having its own weaknesses and potential and each of us being, at the end, responsible for her/his choices. But to get together can help us in many ways addressing those questions. First because looking at what others are doing helps you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. It also stimulates your desire to be more efficient, to strive for excellence. We learn a lot from the failures and successes of others! But that’s not all. As liberals (in the European sense of the word), we understand the power of division of labor and voluntary co-operation; and cooperation is not limited to market transactions, even though the power of the later is amazing. To find or invent those new ways for cooperation we need to know each other and a Resource Bank is the place to do precisely that.
Joining us for our 11th edition of the European Resource Bank you will enjoy an exciting line-up of speakers that will help us analyze recent evolutions in Europe and draw the lessons from the elections to the European Parliament that would have taken place a few weeks earlier. It would be also a good opportunity to discuss together sensitive topics such as EU neighboring policy, transatlantic trade agreement, health care reforms or financial risk burgmanagement. And of course we will keep our practical orientation: sharing best practices among us, learning from the more experienced among us how to best promote our ideas, how to make a better use of the media, social networks and academic research, how to develop a network of supporters that can financially support us

Aix-en-Provence is a lovely city located 20 miles from the French Riviera. The place to be, especially at that time of the year! We hope to see many of you there. If you are a young think tank or association, don’t hesitate to participate in our now traditional Dragon Dens that offers a chance to win up to €5,000 for the best project. If you are an old friend come and share with us your most recent experiences.

Pierre Garello, IES-Europe
Barbara Kolm, Austrian Economics Center

To learn more about the event and to register (guaranteed tariffs and availability for hotel are valid until May 11th only) go to http://europeanresourcebank.com
(Please note that Aix-en-Provence will be welcoming the Lyric Art Festival: some hotels are already full for that period)

Sign our petition !

The European Union needs be returned back to its citizens. To you! Let your voice be heard and join us in taking a stand for Europe!
We pledge for an accountable and cost effective Parliament, a smaller Commission, with limited power, a strong economy, a democratic and more free European Union.
I. The European Commission should be cut by ½ its members and lose its right to initiate EU legislation.
II. The European Parliament should lower the burden of EU red tape on business.
III. The European Parliament should publish all MEPs salaries, expenses, and voting records.
IV. There should be no more EU tax raising powers and no more Eurozone bailouts.
V. National parliaments should have the power to block EU laws.

You can sign the petition here: freemarket-rs.com/petition/


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