European Students For Liberty: Munich Regional Confernce

23rd of November 2013, Munich European Students For Liberty is launching […]

European Students for Liberty

23rd of November 2013, Munich Liberty in München

European Students For Liberty is launching the second European Regional Conference in Munich,   offering an opportunity for discussion with world-renowned speakers and leaders in the liberty movement. For example:  z.B. Gerd Habermann (Friedrich A. von Hayek-Gesellschaft E.V.), Christian Hoffmann (Universität St. Gallen /Liberales Institut), Matt Kibbe (FreedomWorks), Barbara Kolm (Hayek Institut /Austrian Economics Center), Prinz Michael von Lichtenstein, Rolf W. Puster (Universität Hamburg) und Franz Schellhorn (Agenda Austria).


2013 Regional Conferences

Munich Regional Conference

European Students for Liberty



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