The meeting will delve into the challenges currently facing Israel and the broader free world, discussed by Reserve Major General Giora Eiland.

Speaker Background:
Giora Eiland is a distinguished figure in Israel’s defense sector, having served as a Major General in the Israel Defense Forces and later as the head of the Israeli National Security Council. After retirement, he joined the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) as a senior research associate, offering insights on international security matters. In 2007, Eiland established a consultancy providing national security and strategic advisement to governments and international organizations. He holds an MBA and BA in Economics from Bar Ilan University. Additional details on his career can be found here.


The meeting will be hosted by Boaz Arad, a co-founder of the Israeli Freedom Movement, Director at the Ayn Rand Center and the Atlas Award. Arad is also a partner in the Atlas Juniors program.

Event Organization:

This session is part of the “Zoom2Freedom” project, initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic to engage the public in diverse topical discussions aimed at fostering intellectual clarity and freedom. The project regularly hosts speakers to discuss various subjects central to public discourse.

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