Free Market Family Meets to Plan FMRS 2020

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The Free Market Road Show (FMRS) is getting ready for the 2020. More than 50 think-tankers, activists, and scholars from all over Europe, the Caucasus, and Israel met in Vienna on January 12 and 13 to give the final touches to this year’s topics and tour plan.

During eight weeks between April and June, the FMRS will visit thirty four cities promoting the message of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets. Moreover, this year’s main topic will be Disruptive Innovation – How Creativity and Freedom Are Making a Better World.

The Free Market Road Show events will highlight across Europe, the Caucasus, and Israel that innovation is how people take matters in their own hands. According to the 2020 FMRS presentation text: “Technology is putting on the path of cleaner, greener, richer, and healthier planet and humanity.”

With a tour plan comprised of 34 cities to be visited in 8 weeks, the 2020 Free Market Road Show is by far the largest libertarian event in the world. But the FMRS is also the biggest and most vibrant pro Liberty network of Europe. In fact, its partners list reads like a who’s who of the Old Continent’s liberty world.

The 2020 Free Market Road Show will launch on April 27th. See here this year’s topics and the tour plan.

See you on the road!


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