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Is Brexit weakening Europe’s core values like free trade and free mobility? Or does it bring new opportunities which no one has imagined yet? And what does all of this mean for Austria’s economic situation?

Questions like these will be at the center of a panel discussion at the “Free Market Road Show,” which stops on May 14, 2018, in Vienna. The prominent speakers list guarantees exciting responses: Douglas Hoyos (Member of Austrian Parliament, NEOS), John Isaby (BrexitCentral), Michael Jäger (Taxpayers Association Europe, TAE), Barbara Kolm (Austrian Economics Center/Hayek Institute), Bernhard Krumpel (Head of Group Communications, Novomatic), Clemens Wallner (Federation of Austrian Industry), and Richard Zundritsch (Added Value), .

“In what ways do values like individual liberty and self-responsibility relate to practical questions such as health care, education, free trade? What consequences would a loss of values have? This is what we will discuss about,” says Barbara Kolm, President of the Hayek Institute as well as Director of the Austrian Economics Center, about the FMRS event in Vienna, which is organized in cooperation with the Federation of Austrian Industry.

The Free Market Road Show – developed by the Hayek Institute and the Austrian Economics Center – has been touring through Europe since 2008. The conference series is probably the biggest global event of this sort in the areas of economics and free market policy. “Values, what values?” is the general theme of the current eleventh edition of the conference series: in forty European cities, experts from different areas discuss economic and political problems from the point of view of (European) values, moral questions and social responsibility (details and all events can be found at www.freemarket-rs.com).

Save the Date:
„European Values in the Context of the Economy” – Free Market Road Show
May 14, 2018, 4.00 – 6.00pm
Haus der Industrie, Schwarzenbergplatz 4, 1031 Vienna
Free entry, registration required: http://freemarket-rs.com/registration/ (or e-mail: office@hayek-institut.at)


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