Free Market Road Show 2013: 24 European countries, 26 European cities

FSU Professor of Economics and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Edward Stringham, to […]

1991 Maastricht SummitFSU Professor of Economics and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Edward Stringham, to Speak in A Dozen Countries This Summer.

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Fayetteville State University professor, Dr. Edward Stringham will be speaking in Europe and around the world at the 2013 Free Market Road Show for the greater part of May and June.  He will talk about the importance of free enterprise, whether increased government regulations are helping or hindering the market, and how to best encourage more entrepreneurship in the future.

Dr. Stringham audiences include students, professors, and business groups throughout Europe, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe, – in the following cities: Tirana, Podgorica, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Zagreb, Llubliana, Brescia, Warsaw, Bratislava, Vienna, and Paris.   He said, “The Free Market Road Show is a wonderful way to discuss the ideas of capitalism and free enterprise with an audience worldwide.  This will be my third year volunteering.  I find the interest and passion for ideas of many of the young people throughout Eastern Europe inspiring.”  He added, “Barbara Kolm and the sponsors of the Free Market Roadshow are doing a great service by bringing these speakers to a large audience.”

The 2013 Free Market Road Show is hosted by the Austrian Economics Center, in cooperation with over 40 leading think-tanks and universities across Europe, and in association with Liberty Fund, FreedomWorks, European Students for Liberty and the F.A. v. Hayek Institut.  Started in 2008, the show brings together renowned economists, leading politicians and prominent business leaders to discuss current economic problems and possible solutions at a variety of venues across Europe and the Caucuses.  The show has reached more than 1,800 participants and more than a hundred speakers from around the world.  The topic for this year is “To Save or Not to Save: Will austerity programs alone save Europe?” More details about the show are here: https://www.austriancenter.com/fmrs2013.

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The 2013 Free Market Road Show

Speakers of The 2013 Free Market Road Show

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