FreedomFest Responds to Donald Trump’s “Trade War”

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Our Director, Barbara Kolm, is the “Voice of Europe” at this year’s worldwide “largest gathering of free minds” in Las Vegas from July 11 to 14. There will be numerous sessions at FreedomFest discussing recent global developments and problems on the economy, politics, and society – an open stage for the “best and smartest thinkers” to find new strategies and celebrate freedom.

Where is Trump’s “trade war” leading? Will China be the dominant world power soon? Why is Venezuela’s economic situation so disastrous despite immense natural resources? Is Mexico drifting to the left under its new President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador? And will the euro continue to exist?

These questions should not be answered from “far-left to far-right,” but answers should be found that actually solve those problems. This is why Mark Skousen founded and organizes FreedomFest.

At this summit, Kolm will be on the same podium as prominent guests like Steve Forbes (publisher and editor of Forbes Magazine), Stephen Moore (tax expert of the Heritage Foundation), investor and author Jim Rogers, manager Rodolfo Milani, and the Senegalese entrepreneur Magatte Wade. Kolm: “My part will be to introduce the situation and views from Europe and to discuss challenges like migration, monetary policy, Brexit, and the EU budget.”

In addition, Kolm will debate about “Sweden’s not-so-socialist success story” and about the pros and cons of universal basic income. In cooperation with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce there will be a panel on the protection of intellectual property. The title: “Should We Tolerate State Sanctioned Theft of Your Ideas?”

How important the protection of intellectual property rights is for companies and why these rights enable innovations which will help consumers was discussed recently as well by Jared Parks, the Executive Director of the Global Innovation Policy Center at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. A short video of his recent trip to Vienna can be found here: https://youtu.be/XhBtV5NrEXM

All topics, speakers, panels, and debates from FreedomFest can be found here: www.freedomfest.com


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