Gloria Alvarez & Richard Rahn Will Be Honored In Vienna!

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The Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award has been announced and it will be a very special occasion. For the first time, not one but two figures will be awarded. This year we are glad to honor two prominent individuals of the Liberty Movement who have made amazing contributions to the cause of freedom around the globe.

The 2018 awardees are Richard Rahn (USA) and Gloria Álvarez (Guatemala). They will receive the Rising Stars presented by Swarovski Kristallwelten.


06:30 pm – Welcome Remarks, by Meinhard Platzer, co-CEO LGT Bank Austria, and Hayek Institut President Barbara Kolm

06:45 pm – the Laudators will be His Serene Highness Prince Michael von und zu Liechtenstein and Lawrence Goodman, President of the Center for Financial Stability who will celebrate the lives  of Gloria Álvarez from Guatemala and American Richard W. Rahn and their extraordinary contributions to the ideas of Liberty and the principles of the Austrian School of Economics. Speeches by both awardees will follow.

After the acknowledgments, the event ends around 20:00 with refreshments.

The Award Celebration will take place at the Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna (Austria) on December 13th 2018. For more information, tickets, and media requests please contact office@hayek-institut.at  

On The Awardees

Richard W. Rahn is an economist, syndicated columnist, and entrepreneur. Currently he is Chairman of Improbable Success Productions and the Institute for Global Economic Growth. In 1990-1991, he served as the U.S. co-chairman of the Bulgarian Economic Growth and Transition Project. In 1982, President Reagan appointed Dr. Rahn as a member of the Quadrennial Social Security Advisory Council. During the 1988 Presidential campaign, he was an economic advisor to President G.H.W. Bush. Professor Rahn has taught at Florida State, George Mason, George Washington, and Rutgers Universities, at the Institute of World Politics, and the Polytechnic University of New York, where he was head of the graduate Department of Management. Dr. Rahn has written more than a thousand articles for newspapers, magazines, and professional journals, including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, The American Spectator, The Weekly Standard, National Review, and The National Interest. He is the author of the book “The End of Money and the Struggle for Financial Privacy” (1999).

Gloria Álvarez is a Guatemalan radio and television presenter, author, and libertarian political commentator who currently resides in Mexico. She became renowned throughout the American continent and parts of Europe through a Youtube video that went viral with over 20 million views, where she denounces Populism and Socialism of the XXI Century. Since then she has become a benchmark leader for a new generation that is beginning to see the way of doing politics with new eyes. As an international speaker, Gloria has conducted more than 100 conferences including “Republic Vs Populism”, “How to save our Republics”, and “Why and How We Can Defend Capitalism Beyond Economics” in México. Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Dominican Republic, Florida, New York City plus the countries included in the Free Market Road Show. She is coauthor of “El Engaño Populista” and Author of  “Cómo Hablarle a Un Progre”.


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