Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award 2016: Arthur B. Laffer

The Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 goes to the “Father […]

The Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 goes to the “Father of Supply Side Economics”, the visionary of a tax policy that promotes entrepreneurship and rewards individual performance: On December 5th 2016, Arthur B. Laffer will be awarded within the framework of a celebration event in the Looshaus (1010 Vienna, Michaelerplatz 3).

Prof. Laffer proved with his Laffer curve why “less is more”. His famous sketch on a paper napkin offered the basis to “Reaganomics”, influenced Margaret Thatcher and is still regarded as the theoretical basis for the calculation of optimal tax rates.

The celebration of the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award is dedicated again to the Education Project “Next Generation”, which conveys basic economic knowledge. Our next generation must deal with taxes and levies as part of the entrepreneurs’ daily life and must be confronted with their effects on business.

The Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award winners are characterized by outstanding entrepreneurial performance: since 2010 Niall Furgerson, Mario Vargas Llosa, Dambisa Moyo, Leonard Liggio, Deirdre McCloskey, and Peter Thiel have been awarded.

Program and Registration:

Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award 2016: Arthur B. Laffer

Monday, 5. December, 17:30 p.m.

Loos Haus, Michaelerplatz 3, 1010, Vienna

17:30 Admissions

Welcome, by Gaston Giefing

18:30 Laudatio, Ivan Miklos

         Tribute, Barbara Kolm and Meihard Platzer

          Keynote, Arthur B. Laffer

19:15 Cocktail

Attendance is free upon prior registration

For registrations, please contact: office@hayek-institut.at / +43 505 13 49 -31


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