How to remove France and Europe from the crisis?

The 2013 Free Market Road Show in Paris What are […]

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The 2013 Free Market Road Show in Paris

What are the correct procedures after the absence of structural reforms and false austerity, which the politicians place upon everything except for public expenses?

Many different aspects to this question need to be discussed in Paris: First of all how France and Europe can get out of the rut? What true remedies after the absence of structural reforms and austerity false that policies impose anything but public spending?

Sat, 15th June 2013 Venue: Maison des Mines et des Ponts et Chaussees, Salle AB 270 rue Saint Jacques, Paris V


In response, 3 exceptional panels of 20 high-quality speakers worldwide will discuss opportunities and possible solutions.

Panel 1: Economic policies of the government vs. the crises in France and Europe

Discussions about the themes, specifically the new fiscal measures and the economic and social crisis.

Speakers: Charles Beigbeder (National Secretary of the UMP, President of the Entrepreneurship Committee of MEDEF), Aurélien Véron (LDP president, executive committee member of the IDU), and Guillaume Cairou (founder of the Entrepreneurs Club CEO Didaxis)

Press Conference

The launch of the manifest for solidarity in Europe.

Economists from northern and southern Europe, alone with non-members of the Euro-zone, will present a strategy for controlled segments of the Euro-zone for helping southern Europe and the EU to become a market.

Chairman: Jean-Jacques Rosa (Sciences Po Paris); Speakers: Hans-Olaf Henkel (former president of the Federation of German Industries), Jacques Sapir (EHESS), Stefan Kawalec (former Deputy Minister of Finance Polish), Brigitte Granville (Queen Mary University of London), and Alberto Bagnai (University Gabriele D’Annunzio Pescara).

Questions / Answers with journalists and the audience (20 min)

Panel 2: Lowering public expenses, the redefinition of the functionality of the state, local communities, pensions, insurance, and unemployment insurance.

Chairman: Pierre Garello (Université Paul Cézanne); Keynote: José Piñera (former Minister of Work and Pensions of Chile), Jean-Michel Fourgous (Élancourt mayor, former MP), Dan Mitchell (Cato Institute) and Edward Stringham (Fayetville University).

Discussion with the audience (20 min)

Panel 3: Free the Growth

Softening the fiscal constraints and regulations, which are inhibiting the development of the enterprises and workers, and simplifying the administration to let society reinvent itself.

Chairwoman: Barbara Kolm (European Coalition for Economic Growth); Speakers: Anne Coffinier (Foundation School), Erich Weede (University of Bonn), Jean-Philippe Delsol (Institute for Economic and Fiscal Research), Chris Butler (Americans for Tax Reform) and Brenda Pejovich (CEO at BFG Management Company LLC)).

The 2013 Free Market Road Show is organized by the Austrian Economics Center (AEC) in cooperation with international partners and friends, sponsored by the Liberty Fund, FreedomWorks, European Students for Liberty, New Direction and Americans for Tax Reform.

The Austrian Economics Center, over 40 leading think-tanks and the representatives of many European universities will elaborate the risks, but first of all the chances and opportunities for Europe´s future.

The 2013 Free Market Road Show in Geneve: Hôtel Métropole Quai du Général-Guisan 34 dès 12 heures.



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