Join the Thousands Who Oppose Tax Harmonization in the EU

Dear Friend of Liberty, The European Commission has recently announced […]

Dear Friend of Liberty,

The European Commission has recently announced that Ireland gave “illegal tax benefits” to Apple. Moreover, Ireland is forced to retroactively charge Apple with €13 billion due to this “unfair” treatment.

There are many Concerned European Citizens who believe that this ruling by the European Commission is extremely dangerous.

According to Greek and Roman mythology, Saturn devoured his own sons. The Commission runs the risk of doing something very similar.

Ireland was the poorest European nation just four decades ago is today one of the richest.  This was achieved by transforming Ireland into one of the most desirable business locations in the world by combining the hard work of their citizens, a cooperative environment with business that focused on creating value, and intelligent use of tax competition.

The rule of law will be severely damaged if the Commission’s conclusion is upheld. Neither Apple nor Ireland think tax is due.  How can the unelected EU force a payment of tax that neither party think is due?  The EU is acting like the British Parliament when the Tea Act was introduced in 1773 – a group that thought it was fine to tax without representation.

The European Union and the Commission seem to be serving the interest of certain countries which dislike Irish tax policies. In fact, the EU is behaving as if it were a mere cartel of governments with high taxes. The tax harmonization agenda is being pushed now in an even more undemocratic way.  If this continues, the results will be catastrophic. We are living in a post Brexit Europe, where such impositions can only lead to a Pyrrhic victory.

Please sign this Open Letter to Jean Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, and let him know that this Apple & Ireland ruling must be overturned and the tax harmonization agenda is unsustainable and must be abandoned.

What Europe needs is a smart, simple, and low taxation to attract capital and talent, as seen with the Irish example. Let’s send a loud and clear message. Your signature can make a difference!


Dr. Barbara Kolm
Director – Austrian Economics Center

Federico N. Fernández
Senior Fellow – Austrian Economics Center


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