Milestones for an Open Europe The 10th Annual European Resource […]

Milestones for an Open Europe

The 10th Annual European Resource Bank will be held this June 7-9 in Vienna and hosted by the Austrian Economics Center, a free market think tank in cooperation with the Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institut.

 At this year’s Viennese congress, the delegates can expect an exciting line up of speakers that will debate the relationship between the European Union/Europe and the Liberty Movement, the most recent EU activities that in many ways lead to greater regulations of markets, restrictions of individual freedoms, and new EU’s structures, which are being built to save the collapsing Eurozone members.

Among them are Former Secretary of Labor and Social Security and architect of Chile’s private pension system José Piñera, Matt Kibbe, President and CEO of FreedomWorks, Herbert Oberhänsli, Head of Economics and International Relations of Nestlé Group, Carlo Stagnaro from the Instituto Bruno Leoni, Tom Miers from the New Direction Foundation, Pieter Cleppe from Open Europe, Guillaume Kalfon, President of Liberaux.org, Mark Littlewood, Director of Institute of Economic Affairs, Yitzhak Klein from Kohelet Policy Forum and many more.

This will also be a perfect time for networking and sharing best practices to promote our ideas including making an efficient use of media and academic research.


We would be delighted to have you present at this conference and we are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna in June.



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