Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of the Austrian School of Economics? Then you’ve come to the right place! We are pleased to invite student groups visiting Vienna or based in Vienna to an exciting lecture on the Austrian School of Economics.

The Austrian School of Economics is a unique school of economic thought that places great emphasis on individual liberty, private property, and the important role of the market in fostering prosperity and growth. Our lectures will provide a comprehensive overview of the main principles and theories of the Austrian School of Economics and how it differs from mainstream economic approaches.

One of the principles of the Austrian School of Economics is deliberate cooperation, consequently learning about the school is entertaining and interactive. You will meet our researchers who look forward to your questions and stimulating discussion. Share your own thoughts and ideas, and expand your knowledge and understanding in this important field.

Understanding of economics is important for everyone, regardless of their background or prior knowledge. That’s why we’ve designed our lectures to be suitable for students of all levels, from absolute beginners to those with advanced knowledge of economics (some lectures can be found on our YouTube channel). So whether you are a student looking to deepen your understanding of economics or simply interested in learning more about the Austrian school of economics, our lectures are the perfect opportunity for you.

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