The Most Read Articles of 2019

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In 2019, our blog reached new heights, tripling visitor numbers compared to 2018 (itself the best year at that point). This would have not been possible without our loyal readership and we are looking forward to improve even more next year. Here we present the ten most popular articles which we posted in 2019 as well as the ten most read articles in 2019 which we already published before 2019 commenced.

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Most Read Articles of 2019 at AustrianCenter.com

1. ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Shows the Problem with Inequality PropagandaMary Lucia Darst (January 8)

2. Why the Socialist Government of Albania Is Not a Success StoryEden Kollçinaku (February 4)

3. For a Virtuous Free Trade: Edmund Burke’s Economic VisionKai Weiss (July 9)

4. The EU’s Push to Abolish Unanimity on Tax Policy Should Be RejectedKai Weiss (January 23)

5. Why We Need Hayek TodayKai Weiss (May 8)

6. Wittgenstein, Hayek, and a Biography Never Finished Kai Weiss (October 9)

7. “Free” Health Care Is the Wrong Path for AlbaniaEden Kollçinaku (April 23)

8. Chernobyl and the Sacrifices We Must HonorKonstantin Zhukov (June 6)

9. A Digital Tax Is Still a Bad Idea – Kai Weiss (February 26)

10. The Importance of Entrepreneurs: An Interview with Deirdre McCloskeyDeirdre McCloskey and Kai Weiss (January 10)


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