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By Veselin Vukotic “This is not a book that explains […]

By Veselin Vukotic

“This is not a book that explains what others should do for you! This is a book that attempts to motivate you to do things for yourself, your success, your life! How to move forward, how to liberate yourself from the masses, how to become free!”trans

Veselin Vukotic, Prof., and one of Montenegro’s leading economists, “did not intend to write a book like this. At first, the idea was to write something much simpler – to write one that would popularize business philosophy among young people! But in the process of working on national reform, reading the literature of modern economic transition and eventually studying historical transitions such as Humanism, the Renaissance, and those of Ancient Greece and Rome, and working with students, the author found himself asking questions to which everyone except him seemed to have answers!”

“For instance, why are Montenegrins so inert? Why do they think so uniformly? Why do so many of them fail to recognize reality? Why is there so much public prejudice? Why are people who are recognized as being part of as an elite class creating obstacles to change? Why is transition so much harder than we expected? Is it enough for those in charge of transition to understand transitional rules that are generally applied in other countries or do they also need to develop their own set of guidelines? Are men the key source of transition? If they are, then how should one motivate them?”

Written in a dialogue and related to his own experience, the author tries to find answers to these questions. During the discussion with a student he also penetrates the mental shell created by our culture, customs, morals, beliefs and attitudes!

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