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Starting Point In the movie “A beautiful mind” John Nash […]

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Starting Point

In the movie “A beautiful mind” John Nash and his classmates are asked by a professor: “Who among you will be the next Einstein?” In that same spirit, we want to identify and boost the careers of the possible next Hayek or the next Mises.

In the AEC we are convinced that ideas have consequences. That is why we have launched this program to engage young talented libertarians and promote their work. We want to create a hub for the talented minds of tomorrow. It is our deepest belief that the libertarian movement is always in need of new voices.

What we’ve done so far

By the end of 2013 we have started a book contest which, in fact, is much more than a book contest.

From January to December 2014 we will be posting one outstanding paper per month, chosen among the many proposals that are being written by students / young researchers. All papers will be published in a book at the end of the year. This book will have (a) foreword(s) by leading intellectual figures of the libertarian movement.

Moreover, the selected authors will be invited to Vienna to present their papers.

Last but not least, the Top 3 authors will be part of a Panel at our “Free Market Road Show”.

What we have already published

January: The impossibility of central urban planning, by Franco Martín López

February: The hidden deception of public debt, by Alan Futerman

March: Sex is legal. Selling is legal. Why is selling sex illegal?, by Roland Fritz

April: The State Currency: A Case of Governmental Failure?, by Micah Melling and Alfredo Soland

May: Democracy and Liberalism – Harmony at human measure, by Christoph Heuermann

June: Aquinas and the welfare state, by Konrad Urban

The authors of the papers come from places such as Austria, Germany, Poland, United States and Argentina!

The wide range of topics has even surpassed our expectations: Urbanism, prostitution, public debt, monetary issues, the relationship between liberalism and democracy and Thomism and welfare state.

This shows that we have gathered not only capable researchers but also to frontier thinkers.

And we want to continue…

For July we are publishing a brilliant essay by Oskar Mulej (from Slovenia) titled “Social Justice” or “Justice for the Society”?

You can still participate for the selections from August to December! We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please find here all the info about our Contest or contact Federico N. Fernández (f.fernandez”at”austriancenter.com) for further enquiries.


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