Austria: Tax Freedom Day 2013

Tax Freedom Day 2013 Details Austria How long must the […]

Tax Freedom Day 2013 Details Austria


How long must the average Austrian taxpayers work to cover their yearly taxes?  This central question is the concept behind Tax Freedom Days. The Tax Freedom Day signifies the first day of the year when the average taxpayer of a country no longer pays his entire income in the form of taxes, but instead keeps his earnings.  The Austrian Economics Center calculated the Austrian Tax Freedom Day as:

Austrian Tax FrBusinessman Hanging On To Piggy Bankeedom Day 2013: July 31st

In 2012, Austrian workers had to work an average of 214 out of the 366 days for the treasury, before they had a free command over their income.  July 31 is the moment for 2013 and Austria should celebrate their Tax Freedom Day.  On this day the average taxpayer in Austria must no longer work purely for taxes and fees.  With this illustration of the weight of taxes, the Austrian citizens should pay more attention to and demand for a decrease in the tax burden.  The concern of the Austrian Economics Center is more than just this idea, but also to have discussions over the present tax burdens and other inevitable topics like taxes and businesses in Austria, transfer payments, and the justice of the tax system.

Evolution of the Tax Freedom Day:




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