War in Ukraine – Week 15

FMRS 6 1

Day 108

June 11

The war isn’t over yet. On average more than 6 people get killed in Ukraine every hour. There are about 20 Russian filtration camps and prisons in Donbas alone. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians are held hostage in occupied regions living in fear, often without any means of getting in touch with the world outside or access to medicine.

From occupied Kherson: “I am not afraid of dying. I am afraid of not dying instantly”. A diary entry written by a kid who survived months of occupation in Mariupol: “I slept well, woke up, smiled, got up and read for a bit. Also, my grandfather died”.

There is a risk of a major cholera outbreak in Mariupol.

You don’t know if your home, your family, friends, or you will be next, just another number. This is the reality for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians these days.

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Day 106

June 9

Russia: We support a safe corridor in the Black Sea to allow Ukrainian grain exports to save the world from hunger. But first Ukraine should remove mines from the Black Sea, and the West should ease sanctions. We promise not to attack Odessa, you can trust us!

Turkey: And we should get a 25% discount on said grain.

Ukraine: Or maybe Russia stops blocking our ports, stealing our grains, destroying our cities, and killing our people, gets the hell out of our land and stays away from our trade routes. Here, problem solved!

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Day 104

June 7

My graduation in Kyiv 2010 and her graduation in Kharkiv in 2022. Mine was a joyous occasion shared with friends and family that I always look back at with a smile. Hers was destroyed along with her school and half of her city by russian shelling.

Melnyk Graduation

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook



  • Nataliya Melnyk

    Nataliya Melnik is a longstanding partner of the Free Market Road Show. She lives in Kyiv and is sharing her Facebook diary. We wish her all the best! If you want to support the Ukrainian people, have a look at http://helpukraine.center/en

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