War in Ukraine – Week 18


Day 130

July 3

Heavy shelling of Slovyansk today. 6 are reportedly dead, 15 injured, 5 districts impacted.

July 3

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Day 128

July 1

Imagine you are sleeping in your bed at night, and then someone decides to use your apartment building for missile target practice. There is a high chance you and/or your family members end up among at least 16 people who will not get to live another day or 30 who are injured. Or millions who haven’t had a peaceful night of sleep since February 24. Fortunately for you, you are just imagining it. Unfortunately for Ukrainians, they are living it.

Odesa region July 1

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Day 127

June 30

Now we know how they will “save face” after losing this war, they will announce the withdrawal of their troops as a gesture of goodwill. Like they have just done with the Snake Island, after repeatedly getting annihilated there.

snake island

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Day 126

June 29

This is what the real bombing of Donbas looks like, not the fake bullshit spread by Russia and its brainwashed minions. Spoiler alert, it was neither done nor caused by Ukrainians.

Bombed city

It might be June 29th on the calendar, but for us it is still February 24th. Maybe many decades later we will be able to forgive, but we will never forget.

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Day 125

June 28

A shopping mall in Kremenchuk right now. Two missiles and hundreds of people inside… We are way past angry…

June 28 mall

This is the shopping mall before and after it was “liberated” by Russians. So far 18 people are confirmed dead, 36 are missing and 25 have been hospitalized. It will take 5 more days to sift through the rubble.

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Day 124

June 27

Not a ghost town, but a major Ukrainian city at night. With hardly any light in sight due to light-masking during curfew. This is Kharkiv which is taking heavy shelling on a daily basis. This is Mykolaiv, Lysychansk and so many more. Immersed in darkness and awaiting the next hit.

ghost town

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook



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