War in Ukraine – Week 29

FMRS 11 1

Day 202

September 14

“But Ukrainians want this war to continue, they refuse to negotiate with Russia.”

Meanwhile in Russia:
D. Medvedev: “Who says that in two years, Ukraine will exist at all on the world map?”
D. Rogozin: “If we don’t put an end to them (Ukrainians), as unfortunately, our grandparents failed to do, our grandchildren will have to perish, but end it at an even higher price. It’s better, therefore, that we put an end to it. Once and for all.”
M. Zakharova: “The Ukraine that you and I had known, within the borders that used to be, no longer exists, and will never exist again.”
A. Turchak, speaking about the occupied Kherson region: “Russia is here forever. There should be no doubt about this. There will be no return to the past.”
T. Sergeytsev: “Ukraine, as history has shown, is impossible as a nation-state. Ukrainism is an artificial anti-Russian construction that does not have its own civilizational content, a subordinate element of an alien civilization. The name “Ukraine” apparently cannot be retained as the title of any fully denazified state entity in a territory liberated from the Nazi regime. The cadres and organizations that are the instrument of denazification in the newly denazified republics cannot but rely on Russia’s direct military and organizational support.”

Soooo, what exactly are we supposed to be negotiating with them right now? The terms under which Ukraine becomes a Russian puppet state?

Week 29

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Russia’s response to losing ground on the battlefield: first they target critical civilian infrastructure causing blackouts in several regions, then they hit the waterworks in Kryvy Rih in an attempt to flood the city.

Week 29 1

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Day 206

September 18

A 55-year-old Ukrainian defender. Your first thought is probably that he lost his legs in combat. He didn’t. But he still joined the army, after lying that he had only one amputation.

He is following in his father’s footsteps. He lied about being 18 (he was only 15) when he signed up for the army during the WWII.

Week 29 2

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook



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